Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting Started


Nintendo Wii Remote uses simple 3-D mouse principle. A main feature of the Wii Remote is its motion sensing capability, which allows the user to interact with and manipulate items on screen via movement and pointing through the use of accelerometer and optical sensor technology. Apple I-PHONE gained lot of attention with its interactive keyless accelerometer based navigation.

Market has lot of play station remotes including inertial sensors for playing 3-D games. Gyration has just released their Gyromouse with simple 3-axis gyroscope as inertial sensor based on magnetic properties to sense amount of degree of rotation along any of 3-axes.Simple orientation application also gives help in GPS based navigation system.

Our idea came out there to find an alternative to mouse pad & clumsy movement based optical mouse. Accelerometer based mouse would help in many ways for screen navigation, tilt based games etc. With its small size QFN package it can even be easily inserted in mobile to interface with Bluetooth or can occupy user’s fingertip to navigate.

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