Thursday, June 5, 2008

Final Board

Receiver Side:

Transmitter Side:

Final PCB:


MagicMarcus said...

Hello!. Sorry for my english.
I have question:
it is possible to connect atmega32(5V) with CYWM(3V):
Vs atmega32 - 5V
Vs CYWM - 3,3V
MISIO, MOSI, SS - atmega32, CYWM - 5V!!??
Thank You.

max said...

Hi,Good Question

I think it shouldn't create any problem as long as voltage levels for logic high & low are within required specifications of digital families...

For Receiving data from 3.3 module to avr doesnt create any problem as

logic high for atmega=0.6*VCC= 3v

But Transmitting data to module does have voltage levels mismatch.

so we should use resistor divider for MOSI pin to bring 5v to 3v conversion...

We havent taken care that...

Refer to this site for schematic..

Spectrum Analyzer

I referred to this blog...

Lars Englund Blog