Thursday, June 19, 2008

Project Components

  • ATMEGA 16 microcontroller
  • ST LIS3L02 3-axis accelerometer
  • CYWM 6935 Wireless module
  • MAX 233 for serial communication
  • TC 1262 3.3 volt regulator

We are really thankful to
ST,Microchip,& Cypress for their free sample programs initiatives & help ...


Kartik said...

Nice work guys!
Just wanted to know which components did you get as free samples and which did you buy?

max said...

Thanks Kartik

We got CYWM 6935 (2)modules from cypress semi., ST LIS3L02 from ST semi & TC 1262 regulator from microchip ....

Everything else was ours as we participated in many robotics competition...Posted at my Home Page


Anonymous said...

Great work fellas!
I recently tried to sample the CYWM6935 modules from Cypress and they responded by saying that they do not sample modules any more. Did you guys have this problem or is this a recent occurrence?

max said...


We ordered samples probably around august-07 so they might have stopped service after that...

Its indeed recent occurrence...



Amit said...


I'm a BE student and I'm doing a project very similar to this project. So can I have your email address? I need your guidance.

Louie said...


we wanted to do start this project, so please can you tell me, we can use a MMA6270 2-axis accelerometer which we are already having..

And can we implement a right and left click in this? If yes where should we do alter the program?

Petrica said...

I am a last year student on Ele & Tc and I am doing a project similar with this and i hope u can give your email adress because i need your guidance.I will wait your answer.

max said...

Hi Louie,

MMA6270 will do but for it , u should consider data sheet for pin information, as well as power supply requirement.

About clicks , u can do it with jerky motion in x-y direction or use switches instead.(I was planning to use z-axis earlier)

I think MMA6270 will give u more accuracy.